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Updated: 04/06/2018

How do I schedule an appointment with your hospitals?
You can contact the healthcare institution of your choice directly, via telephone, fax or email. You can call us from our contact numbers or fill-out the enquiry form on our website.

My family is accompanying me for my medical treatment. Where can they stay?
When you make an appointment with the international patient center, let them know that your family will be  traveling with you, and they will make the necessary accommodation arrangements.  It would be helpful if you can inform the healthcare institution about your health budget.

I do not speak Turkish, how can I get help with communication?
Most physicians are bilingual (mostly Turkish and English) and hospitals provide translation services based on the needs of the patient and family. Interpretation services are available to ensure that international patients are able to communicate effectively with medical professionals.

How am I going to get to Turkey?
Coming to Turkey is quite simple. Turkish Airlines(THY) has got direct flights to most international airports. Please visit www.thy.com for flight schedules. Istanbul is a regional hub for many other international airlines as well.

Am I exempt from paying taxes at the hospital?
According to the taxing system in Turkey, anyone who receives services at the hospital will be paying %8 VAT (Value Added Tax), regardless of nationality.

Are your hospitals accredited?
There are internationaly accredited hospitals in Turkey which certifies the commitment of the institution to patient safety and continuous quality improvement. These hospitals encourage the participation of patients in decisions regarding to their healthcare and focus on patient education and satisfaction.

Do I have to apply for a visa for each visit, especially when I need to be in Turkey frequently for consultation and follow-up treatment?
For multiple entries, please apply in advance to the nearest Turkish Embassy in your country for acquiring these details. Your applications will have to be accompanied by letters from your selected healthcare institution, explaining the duration of the planned treatment. The healthcare institution will be able to assist you with your application.

Will the required time for processing my visa be reduced if I need urgent medical attention in Turkey?
If your condition warrants urgent medical treatment and attention, the hospitals or the International Patient Servise Centers are able to liaise with the local immigration authorities (Immigration&Checkpoints Authority) on your behalf to facilitate and expedite the visa process.

Do I require a visa? Is it possible to apply for visa at the airport?
Although some countries’ passport holders are exempt from visa for their travels up to 30-90 days, or may apply for entry visas for a fee at the Turkish border gates, it is advised for travelers to call the nearest Turkish diplomatic mission for passport and visa requirements.

Which documents must I provide?
You must have all relevant information on your medical condition, including X-rays, test results, medical history/records, and your current medications. Carry the contact details of your local doctor who has referred you.

When making a medical appointment, what information must I provide?

You need to state your name, as it shown in your passport, your present address, date of brith, a brief note on your medical problem and the preferred date of the appointment

Can I set up an appointment with a doctor in one of your healthcare institutions even if I do not have a referral from my local doctor?
Yes, you may contact any of the international patient centers directly and make appointments accordingly. It is important that you bring along information about your previous medical treatments and your medical records.

Can I seek treatment in your healthcare institutions without a medical appointment?
It is best to schedule appointments before your arrival  to minimize delays and inconvenlence. have international patient service centers, which provides international patients, meeting their personal, cultural and travel-related needs. The Professional staff will provide you with assistance; in hospital admission and discharges, payment produces and financial transactions, language interpretation, local tours and excursions, visa procedures, guidance before and after arrival, and in dealing with international insurance companies. They can make arrangements for consultation, second opininons and coordinate appointments.