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Center for Obesity Education and Prevention

Updated: 15/01/2019

The Diagnosis Center of Obesity is located in the Yazır Annex Building of the Konya Training and Research Hospital. This obesity center is one of the few centers in the Turkey actively studying ways conquer the obesity epidemic. Our center is committed to providing patients the most suitable treatment choices, under such a multi-disciplinary care. All patients who apply to our Obesity Center are first evaluated by a director, a program manager, an endocrinology specialist, a psychiatrist, a cardiologist, a general surgeon and a physical therapist. After these interviews, the patients who are approved for participation in the obesity treatment program are admitted to the center. Subsequently, the reasons underlying obesity are examined from a physical, a biological, a psychological and environmental point of view. Our center offers diet therapy, exercise therapy, behavioral therapy, medicinal therapy and alternative therapies (such as acupuncture, hypnosis, some special dıet programs). 

Our aim is not only to lose weight in service units, but to make healthy living and nutrition a habit and vital behavior, and also to ensure that the given weight is not taken back. Treatment team

Obesity center serves with a 1 head doctor, 1 psychologist, 1 dietitian, 1 nurse and 1 secretary. It serves with a team trained by the ministry of health.

Obesity Center uses the following methods in treatment of obesity:

- Medical nutritional (diet) therapy

- Behavioral therapy

- Exercise therapy

- Medicinal therapy

- Complementary and alternative therapies

What is the procedure followed at Obesity Center?

The employees of the Obesity Center have investigated why you cannot lose weight; they then evaluate appropriate treatment methods and offer you the options. The ideal approach in the treatment of individuals who cannot lose weight through medical nutrition, exercise, behavior or medical treatment is to try alternative therapies before obesity surgery. The aim of the center is to help you reach your health through various treatment methods without the need for obesity surgery.
Diagnosis and Treatment:
The main aim of the multidisciplinary diagnosis and treatment methods applied by our Center for Obesity is to provide regular and problem-free weight loss and most importantly, to make sure that patients can maintain their weight in depth the future.
Diagnosis and treatment services provided by Obesity Center:

Diet Therapy

We are committed to providing patients who are admitted to the Obesity Center to lose weight under the supervision of nutrition and dietetics specialists with extensive experience in the field of obesity. A personalized calorie-controlled diet is prepared for each patient according to their dietary habits and health conditions. Patients are followed by nutritionists during the program.

Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy
Although nutritional and exercise programs are effective methods to lose weight, patients tend to see these programs as treatments for a certain period of time and return to inactive (sedantary) lifestyles after completing programs. It is recommended that these patients change their way of life by adding sports activities such as trekking to their plans for the weekend.

Exercise Therapy

Patients suffering from obesity are likely to experience health problems due to overloading of the knee joint when exercising due to excessive weight. The sports instructor and physiotherapist working in the center of obesity give special training for each patient and at give pilates training at least 3 days a week.

Medicinal Therapy

If there is any underlying metabolic problem that causes the patient to gain weight, medical treatment is carried out by doctors (reactive hypoglycemia, hypothyroidism, insulin resistance etc.) who are specialized in their field to resolve such problems. For all that, it is our principle that medicinal therapy should not be seen as a direct treatment for obesity.
Complementary and Alternative Therapies

Complementary and alternative therapies treat obesity without drugs or surgery. Alternative medicines for obesity most preferred include; herbal medicine, ayurvedic medicine, acupuncture, hypnosis and nutritional therapy.

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