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Diagnosis Center of Genetic Diseases

Updated: 23/01/2019


Diagnosis Center of Genetic Diseases

The Diagnosis Center of Genetic Diseases is located in the Yazır Annex Building of the Konya Training and Research Hospital. There are two Medical Genetic Polyclinics/Rare Diseases Polyclinics, both within the diagnosis center for genetic diseases and at the central building of the Konya Training and Research Hospital. In addition to the New Generation Sequencing systems with the latest technology, Real-Time PCR systems and Genetic analyzer that perform sequence analysis and fragment analysis are available in the center. Diagnosis and follow-up of familial and/or genetic diseases are performed at the center. Within the framework of genetic counseling, individuals/families are evaluated and informed about possible risks and possible predictions of genetic diseases.

Patients can apply directly to the outpatient clinic without age limitation. It can also apply by appointment from the hospital appointment system or by the guidance of another physician. Couples are asked to apply together if possible. Patient examination lasts about 20 minutes. The fact that the patients bring with them the tests performed in different hospitals before the examination and have detailed information about the other family members, especially those with genetic diseases, help us during the examination. The results are only provided to the patient by genetic counseling. During genetic counseling, the patient is informed about the diagnosis, follow-up and treatment of the genetic disease, and how the disease will affect the patient and their children in the future. As required by law, consent is obtained from patients before performing genetic testing.

In which cases should the medical genetic clinic be consulted?

"        Infertility

"        Recurrent pregnancy loss

"        Relative marriages

"        The presence of hereditary disease in their relatives

"        presence of genetic disease in the previous child

"        Anomalic baby / child history

"        Advanced maternal age during pregnancy (35 years or older)

"        Increased risk in screening tests (double, triple, etc.) during pregnancy

"        Abnormal ultrasound findings in pregnancy

"        History of familial cancer

"        Heart attack, stroke and coagulation disorders in family, young age

"        Mental retardation

"        Autism

"        Muscle diseases

"        short stature

"        Disorders related to gender development

Catalog of Diagnosis Center Of Genetic Diseases
Test List of Diagnosis Center Of Genetic Diseases

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